Can Hamsters Eat Lemon

Can Hamsters Eat Lemon

Eating lemon beside your dishes or adding lemon juice in drinks and fruits tastes fantastic. But, can hamsters eat lemon? Hamsters cannot eat lemon because this fruit is high in citrus and is harmful for your hamsters.  So, giving any fruit that has citrus in them is never a good idea. This will result in sickening your hamsters. 

However, from talking about citrus fruits, you can give them fruits with low amounts of citrus besides lemon and orange. So, you have many other options besides these citrus fruits to feed your hamsters. 

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For instance, you can give salad leaves, celery, mashed sweet potatoes, apples, and many other fruits to hamsters as snacks. 

Because, mainly, they need their commercial food and that is highly nutritious for them. Apart from that, you can feed them with fruits as snacks and bring change in their daily diet to feel happy to get something new. 

Are lemons safe for hamsters? 

Unfortunately, lemons are not safe for hamsters. Because these are high citrus fruits and can affect their throats and buds badly. 

Also, even if human beings can eat lemons and use their juice in their eatables, they can still affect your throat if it is too bitter and has a too strong taste, and you eat in excess. 

Also, due to the high citrus amount in lemon, the dermatologist condemns lemon on the face as it destroys the skin health with the high level of acids in it. 

So, how can it be safe for hamsters which are tiny buddies with delicate bodies and organs? 

But still, after thorough research, I found many questions and many answers that are important to discuss, and I will discuss them here.  So, if you are curious and want to get answers for your hamsters, read this whole guide. 

Does lemon stop hamsters chewing bars? 

If you leave hamsters in their bars or cages that are their houses (cages sound weird here as hamsters are our friendly pets and not enslaved people), you will notice them chewing the bars. This is a natural habit of all the hamsters, and you are not the only one who is facing this problem. So, to avoid that, you can rub a lemon on the bars.

As lemon has citrus juice, it will not taste very pleasant and, as a result, the hamster leaves the bars.  However, you have to do this for a few days so that hamsters can get used to that and stop eating the bars. 

A similar question is found, why do hamsters eat bars? Hamsters eat bars because they are used to nibbling everything as it is their nature. 

However, they also do this when their teeth become overly grown. So, you have to take care that your hamsters have toys in their tiny houses so that they can nibble them.  Also, these toys are made for hamsters to nibble so that they don’t nibble the bars. 

Can hamsters have lemon peels? 

There are some fruits that you can feed your hamsters with their peels but all types of high citrus fruits are exceptions. 

So, you cannot feed lemon peels to your hamsters as they are acidic the same way as the lemon itself. 

Also, lemon and orange peels are hard and hamsters can, in no way, digest them even if they are not as acidic somehow. 

Still, you cannot feed your hamsters with dried or fresh lemon peels. So, make sure to keep them away as they are bad for your hamster’s stomach. 

Why can’t hamsters eat lemons? 

Lemons are fruits that are high in acids and these citrus fruits cause burning in hamsters’ throats. Also, it affects their stomach and this will result in loose stools as they cannot eat anything too acidic. So, hamsters cannot eat lemons. 

Can hamsters have lemon juice concentrate?

Lemon juice concentrates are acids taken from the lemon juice and these are acidic as well. So, you can not feed your hamsters with them. Even though people use them as frozen forms like cubes, to add them in their drinks often for making lemonade. However, these are not a good idea for hamsters. So, this is not something meant to give to your Hammys. 

Can teddy bear hamsters eat lemons? 

Teddy bear hamsters also cannot eat lemons because they will suffer significant illness after eating lemons. 

Can baby hamsters eat lemons?

Baby hamsters are too young to eat anything. They feed only on milk from their mothers or Lactol milk that you feed them. 

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However, feeding them milk is the only thing you can do if they don’t have a mother. Unless they are four weeks old, you can not feed them anything, and even after four weeks, you cannot feed them lemons no matter what breed you have.

Advantages and disadvantages of lemon for hamsters 

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of lemon for hamsters, you may have understood till now that lemon has no benefits for hamsters and they are dangerous for hamsters’ health. So, the only benefit that you find from lemon is the following:


1-If your hamsters eat bars, you can rub lemon on the bars. This will stop them from eating the bars and they will start playing with the toys you gave them. 


1-Lemons are harmful for hamsters because they are highly acidic that burn the throat of hamsters. 

2-Lemons create burning sensation in hamsters and so, they suffer from some severe diseases. 


Can hamsters eat lemon? Lemons are highly acidic so any breed of hamsters can not eat lemon and you can’t feed them with lemons peels as well. So, yes, lemons or any other acidic fruit that has high citrus flavors are not meant for hamsters in any way or form. 


Can Syrian hamsters eat lemon?

No, even though Syrian hamsters can eat almost every healthy snack compared to the Robo hamsters, they can also not eat lemons. 

Can Robo hamsters eat lemon?

Robo hamsters cannot eat lemons because this will damage their stomach and create a burning sensation. 

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