Can hamsters eat avocado

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado – Improve your diet

Seeing your pets grow healthier gives you blessed relief. And, you do your best to provide your cute hamsters with the most comfortable environment possible. From a good nest or kennel to the food you give them, everything has a significant impact on your pets.

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado

 And, you can handle them perfectly if you are attentive to your hamsters all the time. Especially if you prefer petting small and cute animals, you do great care. The best way to understand your pet’s needs and growth is to understand their psychology and treat them accordingly.

However, many owners also watch several pets’ psychology understanding videos. This is a better step to take for your loved ones in any way. And, especially, if you have animals that don’t give gestures of their needs, you can get great help from videos. 

But, reading may be helpful in the case of dieting too. So,  hamsters are the cutest and tiniest creatures attracting you a lot. And, of course, if you love them, you will keep those hamsters as your pet

Hamsters are swift in movement and take a healthy diet for that. The commercial food you give your hamster daily Provides all the required nutrition. However, making a change in them is also fun and makes your hamsters happy. 

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So, always make sure to provide your hamsters with the fruits that have the best nutrition. Now, while talking about the best nutritious food, let’s see if you can give them avocados as their snacks? 

And, we will get into more details about the nutrition of avocado for hamsters. Also, let’s see the number of avocado nutrients and the amount of fruit you can give to hamsters. 

What are avocados?

Avocados are the best green and highly nutritious foods that people love to eat. And, mostly, people take this fruit as a shake and as a salad at noon. As this fruit is highly nutritious, it also contains a good amount of fats. 

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And, this fat is considered a good and healthy fat for the body. So, this keeps the body in moderation and helps with the necessary fats in the body that your body needs.

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However, for hamsters, you can give a tiny amount of this fruit to your pet. Because of the following reasons:

Can you give avocados to hamsters?

Now, do you think that hamsters can eat avocados? Let me tell you this in detail. Hamsters can eat avocados, of course. But, this fruit has the most calories among other fruits on earth. So, with 100 grams of avocados, you get 160 calories. And another One hundred thirty calories come from the fat. So, this is something a lot more for your hamsters. 

However, avocados are non-toxic fruits if you peel them finely. And, you can then give tiny amounts to your pet’s hamsters. But, giving them avocados more often like snacks is not favorable at all. However, if you can avoid giving avocados to hamsters initially; this is the best thing to do. Because the fats and calories slow down your hamsters and result in aging as well. 

Are hamsters herbivores?

Hamsters are mostly said to be herbivores. However, this is just said because hamsters are not herbivores. And, this is also true that these hamsters love to eat fruits regardless of their effects. Because hamsters are innocent beings that love to eat a lot. 

But, if you leave these fluffy pets alone, on finding them, they will eat small creatures like bugs. That’s why you have to be active while looking after these hamsters. The concept is clear that hamsters love both fruits and bugs also. So, let’s get back to avocados. 

Best substitutes for avocados for hamsters

Now, as avocados are rich in sugar and calories, you can avoid giving them to hamsters in the best way. How about giving your hamsters the best fruits instead of avocados? And, what if they don’t give a lot of calories to save your hamsters’ diet? Check out the list of the best fruits to feed your hamsters now! 




4-Green beans.







These are the best substitute for avocados for hamsters 

The above-discussed fruits and seeds are the best substitutes for avocados for your hamsters. That’s because they have all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And, this helps to keep hamsters’ bones strong and contain iron. Mainly, green veggies are the best substitute for avocados and fulfill all the nutritional requirements. However, always remember feeding them in moderation. For example, you can give green beans or other above-discussed snacks after fourteen days. But, if you want to feed hamsters with avocados, read the helpful guide below. 

How to moderate avocados diet for hamsters

If you want to feed your hamsters with avocados, you can moderate the diet and feed them as snacks. So, give a little piece of avocado to your hamster to see if they like it. And, once they eat the avocado right away, it’s a great signal. So, you can give just a small piece and feed the hamsters a change in diet. This will make them happy and the calories intake will be balanced. So, that’s the right way to give avocados to your pets


When should you feed avocados to your hamsters?

If your pet loves avocados, you can give them one tiny piece in fourteen days. However, the best thing is to provide another fruit or as mentioned above. But, if you are still willing to provide this avocado as a snack, just give a few pieces that you have peeled properly. And, take the seed out. Now, cut a small cube size piece that is well washed. This size of avocado will be the same for any breed of hamsters you have. 

So, that’s how you can feed avocados to your hamsters if you want to feed them. Or, if you can avoid it, read the above-discussed foods that are the best substitutes. 

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