can hamsters eat apricot

Can Hamsters Eat Apricot – Are they safe for them?

Hamsters are lovely pets to have at home if you can take good care of your pets. And, that is about taking good care and providing a good diet. The best thing is that the hamsters can skillfully forage their food. They are the best choice for petting. So if you think Can hamsters eat apricots?  Sometimes they can eat apricots, and you can give them apricots as snacks.  

Can Hamsters eat apricot

That’s because these pets have cheek pouches. These cheek pouches look adorable and have no saliva. And, its advantage is that hamsters can carry food in the pouches. 

And, this helps hamsters to carry leaves or shrubs to build their houses. Also, hamsters can eat the food later from the pouches that they have stored. So, this helps these fluffy hamsters feed whenever they are hungry. 

 However, a certain amount of this fruit is that you have to give to your hamsters.  And, different breeds of hamsters have different diets. So, let’s learn about their breeds and the diets that Hamsters need. 

What fresh food can hamsters eat including apricots? 

Hamsters love eating apples, strawberries, pears, and bananas. And, giving them these fruits in moderation will be good. Also, these fruits will help the hamsters to grow nicely. As these will work like supplements for them, so they get good energy with this diet. And, make sure to remove the food you have given them for 24 hours. Because if they leave the food, they don’t like to eat. 

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What other foods are poisonous for hamsters except apricot?

Some foods are not for your hamsters, so you have to take care of them. Because hamsters are your buddies and friends. And, if you love them, you will take care of their diet. So, avoid giving raw beans, raw potatoes, and apple seeds to your hamsters. Also, citrus fruits, garlic, onion, raw rhubarb, or rhubarb leaves, rhubarb must be avoided. And almonds are not for hamsters. 

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How to feed your hamsters with apricot

Hamsters love eating. And, they love eating different fruits. So, you can feed hamsters with new foods, including apricots.  However, it is better to feed hamsters with new fruits one by one. So, hamsters can get used to it quickly. And, feeding hamsters with fluid fruits is the best decision ever.

Can hamsters eat apricots? Well, if you are willing to feed hamsters with apricot, you can give a little piece each after fourteen days. Also, giving a little piece of apricot to hamsters will protect them from choking on it. This is because hamsters have cute puffy cheeks. 

 But, fruits with a lot of water are the best thing for hamsters. These fruits make the hamsters hydrated and protect them from dehydration. 

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The perfect apricot ratio for different breeds

Now, mainly we all know about three famous breeds of hamsters. And, many people get giant hamsters, Syrian hamsters, or dwarf hamsters. So, for giant hamsters, you can give them one small piece of apricot mentioned above after fourteen days or a week.

 And, for Syrian hamsters, you can again give them a little piece of the above-discussed fruits. Because Syrian hamsters are cute little ones that are smaller than the giant ones. And, they take a smaller amount of food due to their cute little bodies. 

And, if we discuss the dwarfed ones, they only need a little piece. So, you can give them a little piece of apricot after 14 days. And, this will be for all the fruits. So, that’s how you can easily take care of your hamsters’ diet.

Take care of hamsters while feeding apricot

The best way to take care of your hamsters is to provide them with hygienic food. And, you can do so by washing the apricot properly with clean water. Also, make sure to wash the apricot thoroughly so that the pesticides and pests go off.

So, if you still think that hamsters eat apricots? This is the simplest and the best technique to provide hygienic apricots to hamsters if you really want to give them apricots. However, another thing is to keep in mind. You have to provide the hamsters with a limited amount of apricot. 

And, for that, you need to check your pets’ taste first of all. Give them just a little piece of apricot at first to know if they like it. And, if hamsters like it, they will eat it immediately. This is the nature of hamsters. So, no matter what breed of hamsters you have, always start with a little piece of apricot. Also, in other cases, hamsters will leave it right there without trying to eat it. 

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So, this is how you can easily learn about their taste. And remove apricot from their kennel to protect it from fungi or germs because hamsters don’t eat food left for a long time. That’s another good tip for you if you are petting hamsters. 

Also, it is best to hold any food or apricot in your hand while feeding the hamsters. This will create a loving bond between the hamsters and the owner. Another excellent tip for you indeed! 

How to feed apricot to dwarf hamsters

If you have dwarf hamsters, you have a good choice of fruits to feed your pet. You can give them bananas, apples, cherries, blackberries, and cantaloupe. Also, dwarf hamsters love figs, honeydew, grapes, cranberries, and mangoes. And, you got a big list of their fruits. Also, you can feed hamsters with star fruit, raspberries, papaya, pears, plums, strawberries, watermelon, and peaches. 

Cautions for your fluffy friends

If you want to keep your hamsters healthy, give them one medium slice of fruit each after a week or so. This is way better than providing them fruits daily. And, this balanced diet will protect them from aging as well. 


Now, you have learned that hamsters can eat apricots? And, this is how you can provide them with a good diet. So, take care of your little friends with their favorite foods from now on! 


What fruits are the healthiest ones for hamsters?

Fruits that include a lot of water are hamsters’ favorite. And, these include apples, bananas, pears, berries, and grapes. Also, apart from these fruits, hamsters love cereal and whole-grain bread. 

Can you give cheese to your hamsters?

Yes, cheese is hamsters’ best friend. And hamsters are prone to obesity and diabetes, so they can easily digest them. Also, cheese is high in fat and calorie-dense as well. So, you can give it to hamsters easily. 

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