can hamsters eat arugula

Can Hamsters Eat Arugula?

When it comes to salads, the spicy-tasting arugula may bring a lot of flavor and interest to the table. Arugula, which is both healthy and tasty, is a food you may have considered giving to your pet.

The question is, can hamsters eat arugula? Are there any restrictions on the amount or frequency with which they may eat it? Arugula is safe for hamsters to eat, but don’t overdo it, since any leafy green, including arugula, may be harmful to your pet if consumed in excess.

How much arugula should I give my hamster

There are no restrictions on how much arugula you may eat, but my hamster isn’t allowed to eat as much as you are.

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Arugula The size of my hamster’s head is also around the same amount that they can safely carry in their hands, so this would be a small dish for you.

Are arugula safe for hamsters

Yes, but only once or twice a week and in modest doses. Even though arugula is beneficial to both you and your pet, it should only be eaten in small amounts at a time.

Can hamsters have arugula

Yes, a little at a time, but not much. Arugula has a lot of water, so eating a lot of it might cause stomach problems. Fortunately, this green’s measurement is a breeze. It resembles a dandelion leaf and has rippable portions.  Before feeding your hamster arugula, wash and dry it well.

Can my dwarf hamsters eat arugula

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat arugula. Compared to Syrian hamsters, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are a smaller type of hamster. In contrast to their bigger Syrian hamster relatives, these hamsters have a poor digestive system. 

One third of a one-third quantity of arugula may be fed to your Campbell’s dwarf every week.

In addition to winter whites, there is a kind of dwarf hamster known as the winter white dwarf hamster. Do this once every week, and they’ll get around 1/3 of the leaf’s surface area.

Can Syrian hamsters eat arugula

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat arugula. In terms of hamster species, Syrian hamsters are one of the most popular. Because these hamsters are so large and muscular, they have a far more powerful digestive system than their smaller counterparts.

 Once or twice a week, you may give your Syrian hamsters a half teaspoon of arugula. Allow your pet to nibble on approximately one-third of the leaves of a tiny arugula.

How to feed arugula to hamsters

  • I gradually introduced leafy greens as well as any other new foods to my hamster.
  • It’s best to feed your pet something that’s around one-third to one-fourth the size of their head.
  • Watch for indications of gastrointestinal discomfort, such as diarrhea, if they eat all of it.
  • For the next 12 hours or so, keep a watchful eye on your hamster.

Can Robo hamsters eat arugula

Yes, Robo hamsters can eat arugula. It’s possible to keep a pet hamster in your house. Syrian hamsters are similar in size to these hamsters. Once or twice a week, you may feed your Robo hamsters a half teaspoon of arugula.

Advantages and disadvantages of arugula for hamsters

Arugula benefits for hamsters

  • Leafy greens such as arugula resemble spinach and kale in texture and flavor. Although this green vegetable has a spicy mustard flavor, I only feed it to my hamsters in small amounts.
  • In addition to being a great source of vitamin A, arugula is also a superb antioxidant.
  • Arugula’s vitamin C promotes your hamster’s eye, skin, and hair health.
  • Vitamin K, which helps with bone metabolism and blood clotting, should be added to your hamsters’ food.
  • folic acid, which is found in arugula, encourages the growth of red and white blood cells.
  • The calcium in arugula helps your hamster’s bones, muscles, nerves, and heart operate properly as well.
  • Finally, hamsters’ bones benefit from the magnesium in arugula.

Arugula side effects for hamsters

  • Although arugula is good for your hamster’s health, you should only give it to them in small amounts.
  • If you give your hamsters too much arugula, they may have diarrhea, which may cause them to become dehydrated. You should only offer your hamsters very small amounts of arugula around once or twice each week to help prevent dehydration.
  • Also, overfeeding them with too much arugula might cause them to suffer from bloating, stomach discomfort, and digestive disorders.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can Arugula Kill Hamsters?

Arugula may cause bloating, which can lead to stomach discomfort and other digestive system issues if consumed in large quantities. Additionally, it has the potential to cause diarrhea and, in turn, dehydration. 

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In the confines of its hamster cage, a dehydrated hamster might seem languid and lethargic. As a result, they’ll be lethargic and have dingy coats. If this persists, your hamster will ultimately die if adequate care is not offered.

2. Can Hamsters Eat Raw Arugula?

Hamsters often eat their raw food in its uncooked form. Your pet hamster may eat this nutritious treat by simply washing or blanching it. Hamsters may eat a small amount of fresh or dried arugula. Some vegetables, however, should never be fed to your pet hamsters.

3. Can you feed dried arugula to your hamsters?

In the case of hamsters, no such danger exists when using dry arugula. You should, however, begin with a small quantity of dry arugula while feeding your hamsters. Once you know how they respond to the leaf, you may give them the whole thing. If they refuse it, remove it from the hamster cage so that it doesn’t decay.


Don’t overfeed your hamsters arugula leaves, since they may be extremely smelly. When you feed your hamsters high-quality hamster food and give them safe treats from time to time, they’ll be happy.

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