Can hamsters eat kale

Can Hamsters Eat Kale? Complete Information

One of the most popular ingredients in vegetable juices and smoothies is kale, which has various health advantages. As a pet owner, I often wonder if these same health benefits can be passed on to our furry family members, like my hamsters. If so, is kale a good choice? Can hamsters eat kale? Whether or not kale is suitable for your hamster is an important question. Yes, Kale is safe for hamsters to eat and provides a slew of health advantages. 

How much Kale should I give my hamster

It doesn’t matter how much kale your hamster likes; a few times a week should be enough. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry and use a piece of fresh outer leaf kale the size of your hamster’s head as a general suggestion. Kale is not safe for baby hamsters to eat.

Watch your hamster’s reaction to a little quantity and see how they respond. You may continue to give it to them in modest doses if they don’t exhibit any indications of diarrhea or digestive difficulties.

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 In moderation, dry kale is indeed a good snack since it’s simple to store, but it lacks the hydrating benefits. Before serving, be sure to properly wash the kale if it is fresh.

Are Kale safe for hamsters

Yes, but just once or twice a week and in small quantities. The acidic nature of kale makes it simple for hamsters to eat too much of it, even if it’s healthy for them.

Can hamsters have Kale

Yes, kale is okay for certain hamster species, but they should only consume a small amount of it at a time. Do not give them the stem or the wet core part, just the soft outside leaves.

The low calorie content of kale makes it an excellent choice for hamsters as a snack. In total, 5 g of dietary fiber, 47 g of fat, and 2 g of protein may all be found in just one cup.

Can my dwarf hamsters eat kale

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat kale. If you have Campbell’s dwarf hamsters in your house, you probably know that they are smaller than Syrian dwarfs. They should not be fed kale because it has a lot of sugar. Dwarf hamsters, who are small, are more likely to get diabetes and become overweight because of their small size.

Winter white dwarf hamsters are the same; they are very susceptible to diabetes and obesity and should not be fed kale.

Can Syrian hamsters eat kale

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat kale. These large-breed Syrian hamsters make great pets for individuals who wish to have their own fuzzy little pal around the house. Because of its water, sugar, and acid content, kale is a leafy green food that should be fed in moderation to your hamsters. Just once a week, feed your Syrian hamsters a tiny kale leaf.

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How to feed kale to hamsters

  • If you’re feeding your hamster delicacies like curly kale, make sure you’re holding them or at least nearby while you do so.
  • It’s best to start with a modest bit of curly kale to see whether your hamster likes it.
  • Before you begin, wash the kale well. 
  • Any pesticides used to protect the kale while it was growing are washed away in the process. 

Can Robo hamsters eat kale

Yes, Robo hamsters can eat kale. Unlike Syrian hamsters, Robo hamsters are able to consume moderate amounts of sweet food without difficulty. You may offer your Robo hamsters a small portion of kale leaf once a week. 

Advantages and disadvantages of kale for hamsters

Kale benefits for hamsters

My hamsters have benefited greatly from eating kale. Because it’s low in calories and high in many minerals and vitamins, kale is a great treat for obese hamsters that need to control their weight. Kale has several health advantages for hamsters, including:

  • A good source of vitamin A, as well as vitamin C and potassium.
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, and copper are all included in this food.
  • Beta-carotene in a rich amount.
  • The fiber may have cancer-fighting properties.
  • A better ability to see clearly as well as improved eye health.

Kale side effects for hamsters

  • Thallium poisoning is a common disease in hamsters who eat kale.
  • In many green plants, like kale, there is a toxin known as thallium, which is deadly both to hamsters and humans.
  • Kale may cause kidney stones in hamsters who are prone to them.
  • Kidney stones have been observed to develop more quickly when eating kale, which includes oxalic acid.
  • A vet’s advice is always recommended when dealing with hamsters that have had kidney problems in the past and are now on a special diet.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can hamsters eat kale stems too?

Kale stems are a commonly asked-about vegetable item on the internet. Kale stems are often discarded while preparing it for our own use since they are rough and cook at a different pace than the leaves. 

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If you want to keep your hamsters’ teeth in excellent shape by feeding them the stems, they’re just as beneficial for them as the leaves. Small amounts of combined kale leaves and stems are good for your hamster.

2. Can hamsters eat baby kale?
Baby kale is good for hamsters to eat. However, moderation is key when it comes to serving size. Avoid giving it to your hamsters on a regular basis.

3. Can hamsters eat raw kale?

Hamsters can eat raw kale. The high concentration of nutrients in this diet will be beneficial to my hamsters. Raw veggies are also ideal for our hamsters.


Kale is a rich source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as essential minerals like iron and magnesium when consumed in moderation by your pet hamster. Kale is safe for most hamsters to eat as a treat once in a while, but it should not be fed to dwarf hamsters because they are more likely to get diabetes.

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