can hamsters eat cucumber

Can Hamsters Eat Cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the most nutritious and high in mineral veggies. And these are the most refreshing veggies to have in salads. But, can hamsters eat cucumbers? This is to know today. And we will also discuss the portion of cucumber that you can feed your hamster. Hamsters can eat cucumbers, and in fact, they love to eat cucumbers anytime you want.

So, there comes a question, how and when to feed cucumber to your hamster. So, let’s get started, and let’s see the details and moderation you will follow to feed cucumber to your hamster. 

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Can Syrian hamsters eat cucumbers? 

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat cucumbers and nibble them with a lot of fun. And, as always, moderation is the key to keeping your hamster healthy. So, you can give one or two slices to your Syrian hamsters to eat. 

And, give them these cucumbers once or twice a week. So, basically, if I share personal experience, I give one slice of finely sliced cucumber to my hamster once on Tuesday, and I give the second freshly sliced cucumber on Friday. 

So, as a result, I stay worry-free, and my hammy stays happy. So, for you, I will answer about the Robo hamsters as well. 

Can Robo hamsters can eat cucumber? 

Robo hamsters can also eat cucumbers like Syrian hamsters. And, they can eat the same amount of slices as Syrian hamsters. So, if any of you have Robo hamsters, you can feed them one or even two slices of cucumbers once a week. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat cucumber 

Yes, dwarf hamsters can also eat cucumbers. However, here is one thing that I have to discuss. If you want to feed your dwarf hamster with cucumbers, feed them with one thin slice once a week. 

However, this is not necessary to feed them cucumbers every week. As cucumber is a snack for your hamster, you can replace it with another snack and that has a valid reason.

 Sometimes, your hamster is not used to taking on liquid foods. Because their diet is of commercial food and you cannot feed them with whatever you want. So, feeding them with liquid food can result in loose stool. 

Give a small piece once and see if any reaction occurs in 24 hours in your dwarf hamsters. If everything feels fine, you can give a half piece of cucumber once a week. Can hamsters eat cucumbers? It’s a yes here! 

 The next thing that comes to mind is, 

Can baby hamsters eat cucumbers?  

No, baby hamsters can feed on milk from their mothers as they are mammals. However, if you want to feed them something, give them Lactol milk formula every hour. This is the only diet for your baby hamster. 

Can hamsters eat cucumber seeds? 

This depends on the types of seeds and the breeds. Sometimes the seeds are very soft. Then you can give it to your hamster. However, you can feed these seeds to Syrian hamsters and Robo hamsters. 

But, if these seeds are thick and big, remove them from the cucumber and feed only the fleshy part to Robo and Syrian hamsters. Because feeding such thick seeds to hamsters will result in choking them.

 Now, for dwarf hamsters, you can only feed the fleshy part to your hamsters and avoid giving any types of seeds. That means even if the seeds are softer and small, you can still not feed them with the seeds. While discussing the seeds, here comes a similar point to discuss. 

Can hamsters eat cucumber skin? 

Some cucumbers are thick and have thicker skin. So, it is better to peel it off to save your hamster from choking while eating. However, if the cucumber skin is delicate and thin, you can give the cucumber to your hamster with the skin.

 However, this is for the Robo and Syrian hamsters. For dwarf hamsters, take the peel off even if it is soft and thin. 

Because dwarf hamsters are smaller and have delicate bodies and organs, they can choke on foods that Robo and Syrian hamsters can swallow easily. So, this is what you can take care of. 

How to feed cucumber to a hamster? 

Before feeding a cucumber to any hamster, follow the steps below:

  • Take a look that your cucumber is fresh. 
  • Wash it properly with slightly rubbing your hands.
  • Peel the skin off if you want to feed to your dwarf breed.
  • Cut the cucumber into thin slices. 
  • Take the seeds out of the flesh part. 
  • Now, hold a tablespoon size of cucumber for your Syrian and Robo breeds and feed them. 
  • For dwarf breeds, take a half tablespoon part and feed them with your hand. 

So, here we have discussed the different breeds of hamsters and now you know how much cucumber I should feed to my hamster. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of feeding cucumbers to hamsters. 

Advantages and disadvantages of cucumber for hamsters 


  • Cucumber contains 95% of the water that helps in the hydration of hamsters.
  • Cucumber has vitamin C that helps with the strong teeth and good blood circulation in hamsters.
  • Vitamin K and A in cucumber helps in improving hamsters’ eyesight. 


  • Cucumber can result in loose stool in hamsters if fed without moderation. 


Can hamsters eat cucumbers? Yes all adult hamster breeds can happily eat cucumbers and you can serve them once or twice a week with one slice. So, here is the answer to your question. Feed cucumber as a snack to your hamster and see how happy he gets! 


Can hamsters have cucumbers? 

Hamsters are omnivorous animals, and they love to eat any green veggies at any time. So, when they are in the wild, they go for green veggies and whatever they find. Also,  green vegetables are affluent in minerals and contain a lot of iron. So, yes, hamsters can have cucumbers in moderation. 

Can teddy bear hamsters eat cucumbers? 

Yes, teddy bear hamsters can eat cucumbers. Because teddy bear hamsters are also dwarf, any diet that is for dwarf hamsters can go the same way for the teddy bear hamsters.

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