can hamsters eat celery

Can Hamsters Eat Celery? Complete Guide

Hamsters are omnivores, and they can eat green veggies and nuts, dry fruits, etc. But, can hamsters eat celery? Celery is also a green veggie that human beings eat and are the best when on a diet. And, hamsters can eat celery in moderation as well. 

And, as I told you, I have Joy and Bell, my Syrian hamsters that I care about the most. So, I love sharing celery with hamsters. And, my hamsters eat celery with much delight. So, let’s see the details of how and when you can feed your hamsters with celery. 

Can a Syrian hamster eat celery? 

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat celery, and you can feed them celery leaves. These are entirely healthy lives for any breed of hamsters and can protect your hamsters from dehydration, sickness, and weakness. Indeed, giving celery as a snack to your hamsters is the best idea.

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Can Syrian hamsters eat celery leaves? 

Now, the celery leaves are the stable part of the celery for your hamsters. However, humans can eat the leaves only if they love the minor part. Or, they can eat the whole part in small cubes. 

So, you can feed the hamsters with the leaves. Now, I will tell you about the dosage. For my Syrian hamsters, the vet suggested that I give the adult hamster 1/4rth tablespoon of the leaves. 

So, now, here comes the next question that may have already arisen in your mind. 

Note: These celery leaves can be given just as snacks to any breed of hamsters. And, you cannot replace celery with any of their food. Even though it is highly nutritious, it can not be replaced with a regular diet. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat celery? 

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat celery and they really love it. Also, while discussing the dwarf hamsters, let me tell you that all the breeds of the dwarf masters can eat celery. 

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Also, this means that whether you have Winter white, Chinese Campbell, or Teddy bear hamsters, you can feed them with celery. But, if you think that,

 Can baby hamsters eat celery? 

No, here is the reason why?  Hamsters are mammals, and they drink their mother’s milk when they are newborns. So, they don’t eat anything else precisely like a human baby. However, once they get 3-4 weeks old, you can give them tiny pieces of one leaf to nibble them. However, keep it moderate and feed only once a week. 

Can hamster eat celery leaves? 

This question is for those who think celery leaves are too strong for hamsters. So, yes, 

hamsters can eat celery leaves

And, even though they can eat leaves, you will see they prefer the stalk more than the leaves. But, it is totally fine. 

Hamsters prefer the stalk part more because the leaves have a strong taste. But, this strong taste is due to the fiber that is in abundance in the leaves. However, hamsters can eat both celery sticks and celery leaves. So, what part of the celery can the hamster eat? They can eat both parts of the celery in small pieces. 

But, if you think about:

How much celery can a hamster eat? 

Hamsters can eat a tablespoon of celery once a week. This diet is for all the hamsters, and you can feed them once a week, if you want to feed your hamster with celery stalk, give a small piece equal to 1/4rth tablespoon so they can quickly eat it. 

How much celery can I give my hamster?

 You can give them this specific amount in a week, and the baby hamster is an exception here. Now, the point is, can you feed raw celery to your hamster? 

Can a hamster eat raw celery? 

If you feed hamsters with cooked celery, they will eat it. But, that does not mean cooked celery is good for them. You can’t feed them with cooked celery because it wastes away all the necessary nutrients and fibers on the celery. So, always feed them with raw celery. Now, you have to learn how to feed a hamster with celery? Here comes the answer with the easiest way. 

How can you feed celery to your hamster? 

Feeding celery to hamsters is easy, and you can follow the steps below for that:

  • Wash the celery properly.
  • Cut the leaves into small pieces that hamsters can easily swallow. 
  • Cut the stalks into small cubes if your hamster wants to eat them. 
  • Take the strings out of the stalks for your hamsters so they can quickly eat. 
  • Feed the celery to your hamster by holding it in your hands. 

Advantages and disadvantages of celery for hamsters. 


  • Celery has Vitamin K to protect the hamsters from scurvy and blood clotting. 
  • The celery are low in calories so they protect the hamsters from weight gain.
  • They are high in fiber.
  • Celery has vitamin A and improves the eye eight of hamsters. 


  • Feeding too much celery to hamsters will cause vomiting, diarrhea, and sickness.


So, Can hamsters eat celery? Yes, they can. And, all the breeds of hamsters can eat celery and you can feed them celery in moderation.


Can hamsters eat celery sticks? 

Yes, hamsters can eat celery sticks. And, they can eat any tough food(according to their diet) that they can easily swallow without choking on it. So, they can eat celery sticks that are called celery stalks. And, you can feed these stalks in the following way:

  • Wash the celery properly to wash off pesticides.
  • Cut the leaves apart and give one to two leaves to your adult hamsters. 
  • Cut the stalks in small cubes that are easy to swallow by hamsters. 
  • Give just one piece to your hammy. 

Now, if you have Robo hamsters at home, you can go with the same ways and the same procedure. Giving a tablespoon of one or two normal size leaves to hamsters is healthy, and you can feed them without any fear. 

Is celery good for hamsters?

Yes, celery is indeed good for hamsters and this veggie is low-carb and low in calories is a good thing for hamsters. This helps them gain a lot of energy, and we all know hamsters’ diet includes tough foods and veggies, and they also get toys to play with. However, these rigid diets are mainly easy to chew for hamsters, so you can feed them with such stuff. 

Now, the lower part of the celery is tough and we all know that. But, this tough part is good for them; they need to gnaw their toys and tough food due to their overgrowing teeth. So, this is how every breed of hamsters controls their growing teeth.

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