Can Hamsters Eat Lavender

Can Hamsters Eat Lavender – Know before feeding to your pet

Can hamsters eat lavender? Yes, hamsters may eat lavender in small quantities on occasion. Lavender is an herb with several health advantages. It is often used to treat anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression. 

Is lavender safe for hamsters?

Lavender is generally safe to feed to hamsters. Having said that, not all lavender varieties are safe for hamsters to eat. As a first step in determining if your hamster can eat lavender, carefully investigate the source of the plant for indications of harm and parasites. If lavender has been exposed to certain chemicals, it may be poisonous to hamsters.

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How much lavender should I give my hamster? 

I feed my hamster two or four lavender leaves a few times a week after I have determined that it appreciates them and that they have no harmful effects on its digestive system. If you want to offer them while they’re still connected to the stem, offer fewer leaves. Some hamsters like chewing on the harder stem piece, so keep track of whether your hamster consumes it or leaves it alone.

Can hamsters have lavender?

As already indicated! Our hamsters may consume lavender. However, it must be prepared, harvested, and fed correctly. If you don’t, there might be problems with their health.

How to feed lavender to hamsters

  • Whether you want to test if your hamster enjoys lavender, start with a little bit. Half a loaf is ideal. You should also consult with your veterinarian beforehand.
  • If your hamster doesn’t seem to be doing well for the next 24 to 48 hours, keep an eye on them to make sure they aren’t having any problems.
  • If your hamster develops lethargy or diarrhea, stop feeding them lavender.
  • Because many farms use pesticides on their crops, make sure you wash the lavender before feeding it.
  • Hamsters love to conceal and hoard their food, so always check your hamster’s cage and remove any fresh veggies that have gone rotten. Your hamster most likely hides in specific places, so once you find them, you can quickly remove any vegetables that are about to go bad.
  • You may replace them with a few pellets of their usual food or a hamster chew, so your hamster isn’t too upset when their hoard is looted!
  • Don’t give your hamster lavender at the same time as other calcium-rich veggies like broccoli or kale.
  • If your hamster has a history of bladder or kidney stones, the high calcium concentration of lavender may cause them to reappear.

Advantages and disadvantages of lavender for hamsters

Lavender benefits for hamsters

  • Lavender is good for the skin and coat of hamsters because it has antioxidants and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron, which are good for their skin and fur.
  • Lavender contains essential oils that can assist hamsters in combating other environmental allergies, keeping them calm and relaxed during the day, and preventing insomnia at night. I use lavender to relax my hamsters’ muscles and calm them down before giving them medicine or injections that they might not like.
  • Lavender is good at repelling insects, making your pet healthier and happier.

Lavender side effects for hamster

You must be certain of the lavender that you give your Hamsters. Furthermore, excessive ingestion of any herb may result in a variety of health issues in our Hamsters. Some of the most frequent health problems are:

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  • Our Hamsters will get obese if they consume too much lavender. Lavender has a lot of natural sugar. As a result, it is important to serve in moderation.
  • Lavender is rich in nutrients and may completely disturb our Hamster’s digestive system. Overconsumption may result in diarrhea, bloating, GI stasis, and other symptoms.
  • The majority of herbs are high in calcium, which may lead to the production of stones. Bladder stones might be very uncomfortable for our Hamsters.
  • Lavender allergies may occur in certain hamsters. Sneezing, trouble breathing, itching, and other allergy symptoms are common. If your Hamsters exhibit any of these signs, take them to the vet.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to can hamsters eat lavender.

  1. Can Syrian hamsters eat lavender?

Syrian hamsters may eat lavender. Syrians are the biggest kind of hamster, so they can eat the most lavender. They have the finest digestive systems, and they can consume more food without becoming sick. Every week, feed your Syrian hamster three tablespoons of lavender. This is plenty for them to have fun, but not so much that it causes difficulties.

  1. Can Robo hamsters eat lavender?

Robo hamsters can eat lavender. Syrian hamsters are smaller than Robos, which implies that they shouldn’t consume as much lavender. This is because of their size. They do not have as much stomach space for a huge quantity of lavender. Every week, give them around two tablespoons of lavender. They will like it, but just a tiny quantity should be fed to them.

  1. Can my dwarf hamsters eat lavender?

My dwarf hamsters do eat lavender. Dwarf hamsters, which include Chinese, Campbell, and Russian hamsters, are much smaller than the typical hamster. This raises the question of whether hamsters can consume typical foods. They may consume lavender, but you should only feed them one teaspoon each week! They are delicate creatures that must be handled with care.


So, in conclusion, hamsters can eat lavender. However, we should also consider the different things that our hamsters can consume. They should not solely consume lavender under any circumstances. This might result in major health issues for them. Instead, feed your hamster a combination of regular hamster chow and hamster treats. Vegetables are a good choice for your hamster’s primary snack.

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