Can Hamsters eat Mangoes

Can Hamsters eat Mangoes

Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits that are my favorite too. So, I love sharing it with my hamsters. But, can hamsters eat mangoes? I had researched before and met my vet before feeding my hamsters. So, if you love mangoes and want to feed your hamsters, this article has your answers.

Can Hamsters eat Mangoes

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So, let’s see the details for whatever breed of hamsters you have. Because mangoes are the best seasonal fruits and they come with a lot of benefits too. So, let’s take advantage of this fruit for your hammy as well.

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While thinking about your hamsters and the delicious fruit mango, the most important question is how many mangoes can I give my hamster? As there is definitely a diet plan to give to your hamsters.

So, you can learn about the dosage of this snack when you are feeding them with this fruit. Now, let’s be honest, what I experienced is that whenever I feed my hamster with a piece of mango, he always looks at me for more. So, you can keep a moderate diet despite the innocent and wanting eyes of your hamsters.

You can feed your adult hamsters with mangoes, and this quantity is 1/4rth or one teaspoon in a  week. As this is a seasonal fruit, this is an excellent quantity to feed your hamsters with this fruit. And, they will love it.

Feeding mango to your Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters are my favorite discussion as my hamster is also Syrian. That’s because they have a long list of foods and snacks that you can feed them. So, here is the question. 

How many mangoes should a Syrian hamster eat?

Now, your Syrian hamsters can enjoy many fruits, including a teaspoon of mango. This is enjoyable because you will love this squishy mango to eat by yourself.

So, your Syrian hamster also wants a good amount because these are bigger than the other and have a good appetite. 

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Also, saying no to mangoes is a really difficult thing. So, let them enjoy themselves by giving a teaspoon of mango.

 This is what the Vet told me to give, and this is the perfect amount for Syrian hamsters. Here comes another and related question.

Can hamsters eat mango ice cream?

Now, here comes the unlucky point for hamsters. So, mangoes are already sweet enough, so giving them in the raw form is the best choice. So, you can not feed your hamsters with mango ice cream or a mango shake at all.

Can hamsters eat mango pie

Well, this is a big no here as well. Because again, this will be too sweet for your pets and can cause diabetes. And, I know you may think 

Can hamsters eat dried mangoes?

Now, dried mangoes are a delight to eat for humans, and you sometimes add in the deserts to add a more sweet flavor. So, this concludes that dried mangoes are way sweeter for your hamsters. So, once again, no! Here comes another question that I’m ready to say no to.

Can hamsters drink mango juice?

Mango juice and mango shakes are sweet drinks delightful for humans but not hamsters. So, you can not give mango in another form to your hamsters.

How many mangoes should a dwarf hamster eat?

Now, here, I am covering all the tiny breeds of hamsters. And, from tiny, I mean that all the breeds of the dwarf hamsters.

So, whatever dwarf breed you have, Whether Winter White, Chinese Campbell, or teddy bear hamsters,  you have to avoid any sweet fruit, including mangoes.

This fruit is much more than the sweetness you have to give to your dwarf pets. So, whenever you think about it, how I feed my dwarf hamster mango This is the answer you have to recall at once.

Can hamsters eat mango skin?

While feeding mangoes to your hamsters, you have to take notice of a few things. These things are mango skin and mango seeds. So, if your hamsters are welcoming of mangoes, keep the peels away. Because the peels are choking and not chewy at all. Also, they do not digest. And the same goes for the mango seeds.

Is mango dangerous to hamsters?

Now, you have to keep one thing in mind like me: anything that exceeds the limit is dangerous. Particularly my hamster loves eating mangoes but I make sure to keep the moderation because a large amount will cause diabetes.

So, yes, we have to take care of their health before their taste. This is harmful. So here are some feeding suggestions of mango to hamsters.

Take a gap of one week in between. And, it is best to give one fruit as a snack once a week. Mangoes also go the same way. Now, wash the mango properly and cut a small piece of one teaspoon. Make sure the peel is separated nicely. Please give it to your hamster once a week.


So, while talking, can hamsters eat mango? You got your answer that is a yes! You can feed your Robo and Syrian hamsters with mangoes once a week.


Why are mangoes healthy for hamsters?

Here is one of the most critical points for you. Mangoes are healthier as they are rich in vitamin C and minerals. They are juicy, so they contain a good amount of water for hamsters.

So, if you maintain your hamster’s diet you can give them a good deal of water to protect them from dehydration with one piece of mango. Also, mangoes have vitamin C, so they save the hamsters from Scurvy disease and are suitable for blood. This keeps their immune system good, and you see your hamsters playing happily.

How many mangoes can a Roborovski hamster eat?

Roborovski hamsters are also giant like Syrian hamsters, and they come on number 2. So, the same diet goes for them here. Apart from giving them blueberries, and raspberries, giving them 1 teaspoon of mango is worth enjoyable for them.

Also,  keep the moderation with the other fruits as well. I do not give any other fruit or mangoes because mangoes are already sweet enough. So, I don’t want too many sweeter watery snacks for my hammy. So, a teaspoon of mango once a week is what I prefer during the mango season. 

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