what fruits can hamster eat

What fruits can hamsters eat?

It is very important to feed the hamster a healthy and balanced diet so that they stay healthy, fit, and active and it is also important that the hamster should access fresh water all the time. The  hamster owners mostly ask the question, “ What fruits can the hamsters eat?

Hamsters love fruits like pears, apples, strawberries, peaches, and bananas. They should be provided in moderation, as a supplement to a regular diet. Make sure to remove the fruits or vegetables that are not consumed within 24 hours.

You can give hamsters a variety of fruit supplements in their diet, and he always enjoys these fruits as a delicious treat. Feed your hamster the fruits only in small amounts to prevent health issues.

A wide variety of fruits are safe and healthy for hamsters to eat and they include apple (seedless), blackberries, banana blueberries, figs, dates,  grapes, kiwi fruit, green beans, mango, parsley, melon, peach,  turnip, swede, pear, strawberries sweetcorn, watermelon, marrow, raspberries, peas, courgette, asparagus, cranberries.  Any fruit should be entirely washed before feeding it to your hamster.


The hamsters can eat bananas. Mostly the hamster owners ask the question “how often should hamsters eat bananas? Your hamster can eat banana pieces once or twice a week as a snack.

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Bananas are not dangerous for your hamster, and they can take bananas only in moderation.  Hamsters are small animals, so they can not take any food items in huge amounts. For the healthy hamsters’ diet, they should have to eat only good and healthy foods in small quantities.


Hamsters can eat apples. Feeding hamsters to the apples can be beneficial for their health and growth, but they can be risky if too much of the hamster diet consists of apples.  Apples should be eaten occasionally with other vegetables and fruits throughout the week.

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Apple is a good choice, but it is best to provide a lot of varieties. If a hamster already eats fruits, it is fine to feed them a few apples on a regular basis if they tolerate it.


The hamsters can eat blueberries. They may love it. Blueberries should make up 20 % of the total treats given to hamsters on a daily basis. So, offering one-half blueberry or one blueberry one to two times a week along with other beneficial and healthy snacks. Approximately the teaspoon-sized amount of blueberries is enough for an adult hamster.


You can feed hamster blackberries two times a week, but remember one thing it is never a good idea to serve a lot of sweets at a time.

A half teaspoon (that is almost the size of a single blackberry) a few times in a week is safe for your hamster.


Peaches possess a lot of nutrition, also they are high in acid and sugar that even a small amount can make your pet sick. It is Ok to feed your hamster a little bit of this as an occasional treat, but the peach should not be part of the regular diet of hamsters.


Pears are a treat that the hamster can enjoy in moderate amounts. You can feed a little bit once a week, or maybe two times a week.


The hamsters can eat strawberries. Start by giving your hamster a tiny piece of strawberry, almost a quarter of the teaspoon in size. The hamster should take no more than one teaspoon of mixed fruits, twice a week.


The cantaloupe is the melon type that the hamsters can eat. It is perfectly fine to feed your hamster to cantaloupe one time in a while. Be careful, as you should not give your pet too much of this fruit.


Many hamster owners want to know “how often can a hamster eat mango”? The hamsters can not handle plenty of sugar, so, only feed your hamster mango one time a week.


The hamsters can eat watermelons. You may hand-feed hamsters the watermelon or combine the pieces with the regular food of your hamster. Never feed your Syrian hamster more than a teaspoon of watermelons in a week


We are pretty sure that your hamster likes raspberries – they can take a raspberry once or twice a week. But don’t give on the day as you are giving other fruits.

Kiwi fruits

Kiwi is counted among the list of ‘safe foods’ for your pet hamster. So, the short answer is, yes, hamsters can eat kiwi. You can offer a small piece of paw-sized kiwi twice a week


Both Syrian and Roborovski hamsters can intake figs but in small contents and on the occasional basis. Don’t give figs on a daily basis.


The hamsters can eat dates. Syrian and Roborovski hamsters can eat dates in little amounts on an occasional basis. As the dates possess high sugar Content so, you should not make it a regular diet for your hamster and also avoid it. 


The hamsters can eat the courgette in moderation. As the hamsters are very small pets, they can’t bear any fruit in large amounts so take this into consideration while feeding the courgette.


Most hamsters love sweetcorn so much, they will pick corn from their food bowl and eat this first.  If you feed your hamster sweetcorn they will love this, they can eat a few kernels safely at a time. The hamsters can bear this amount three to four times a week.


All the above-described fruits are safe for your hamster but don’t give too much of any fruit because your hamster can’t tolerate this amount. You should consider the amount of each fruit that you can offer your pet. Don’t give your hamster a high amount of sweet fruit that contains too much sugar, because it may cause harm to your pet.

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