Can hamster eat pineapple

Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple? 

Can Hamsters Eat Pineapple? 

Petting hamsters means providing them with the best care. And, this care includes hamsters’ clean and healthy environment and delicious foods equally healthy for them. And, this gives a chance of change in hamsters life that they happily adopt. As hamsters happily depend on playing or eating, you can feed your hamster with different kinds of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and other hamster food they like to eat. Which results in hamsters’ good health. And, these foods include fruits that are safe for them. So, while talking about fruits, we can give hamsters to eat pineapple? Let’s get into the details about pineapple today. 

Can hamster eat pineapple

Can you feed pineapple to hamsters?

If you are looking for a very delicious snack full of nutrients, pineapple is the best choice. This fruit is highly energetic and rich in vitamins not only for humans but hamsters also. So, you can feed your hamsters with pineapple as it will boost vitamins in their body. Also, you can feed a little piece of pineapple to your hamster that is equal to their tiny paw. This adorable comparison will give you the best idea of feeding the hamster with a proper diet. 

Now, you can feed hamsters with pineapple once in ten days or so. And, take the flesh part of the pineapple that is soft and easy to chew. Any hamster can easily chew a paw size soft part of the pineapple. 

Can hamsters eat dried pineapple?

Now, while talking about pineapples, you may also want to know if you can feed hamsters with dried pineapple? Well, yes you can! And, what is even best is that you can feed hamsters with any form of pineapple and they will love it. 

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So, it can be canned pineapple, dried pineapple, fresh pineapple, and frozen pineapple. Now, what you have to remember, is that you can feed them with them only with the paw size of a pineapple. That’s because this delicious pineapple is high in sugar, and feeding too much to your hamster with sugar means causing diabetes. 

Can hamsters eat pineapple seeds? 

Hamsters can eat many types of seeds, including Sunflower seeds. But, when it comes to pineapple, its seeds are hard and can cause choking in hamsters. So, feed pineapple flesh to hamsters. 

Can Hamsters eat pineapple leaves?

Pineapple leaves are pretty hard and bitter to eat. Hamsters can only eat soft food. So, you cannot feed pineapple leaves as snacks. So, they cannot eat pineapple leaves.

Can Dwarf Hamsters eat pineapple?

Dwarf Hamsters are the tiny breeds of Hamsters that are cute and sensitive. As they are small, they also require a small amount of food. So, you can feed Hamsters with pineapple and give them pineapple pieces equal to their ears size once a week. This snack is for adult dwarf hamsters.

Can Syrian hamsters eat pineapple?

Syrian hamsters are the largest breed of hamsters, and I always mention that whenever I talk about Syrian hamsters. And, the reason is that their diet is the healthiest among all other hamsters. Also, containing a long list of foods and snacks, it is easy to have Syrian hamsters as pets.

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 Because you can feed them with a variety of fruits quite often. So yes, you can feed them with pineapple as well. And, their moderation is of the paw size as mentioned above already. This is what you can give to Syrian hamsters once a week. 

Can Robo hamsters eat pineapple?

Robo hamsters have half the diet as compared to Syrian hamsters. And, the best and easiest trick to understand and moderate the diet of hamsters is to check their breed first. Because it usually comes like Syrian hamsters having a complete joy of fruits, Robo can have a half of it and dwarf gets the half of it. So, here you can give Robo hamsters a paw size piece of pineapple of course. Or, you can also give even a smaller piece if you want.

How to feed pineapple to hamster? 

For feeding pineapple, first, you have to cut the skin part nicely. And, take the hard skin away so you are left with a soft part. Then, remove the seeds from the pineapple as they are not for eating. And, take the flesh part of the fruit. Now, cut it into small pieces as said above.

 That means, cut a hamster’s paw size piece and feed your Syrian hamster with it. Also, cut the same size or it may be a little smaller, and feed your Robo hamster. The same goes for the teddy bear hamster.  Now, take a hamster’s ear size piece and feed your Dwarf hamster. And, feed them this fruit once a week or ten days. 

Advantages and disadvantages of pineapple for hamsters

Pineapple is one of the healthiest fruits and has several benefits and cons. These benefits and come are below. 

Benefits of pineapple for hamsters :

1-Vitamin A in pineapple helps to improve eye sight so it is better to feed your hamster with pineapple. 

2-Pineapple has a rare enzyme that is Bromelain that helps in protecting hamsters from respiratory diseases. 

3-Pineapple has Vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus that helps with the body’s health and growth and keep hamsters healthy. 

4-This fruit has Vitamin C in abundance and it protects the hamsters from scurvy disease. 

Side Effects of pineapple for hamsters :

1-Pineapple consists of natural acids that lead to sour mouth in hamsters. 

2-Pineapple has a lot of natural sugar so it can cause diabetes in hamsters if you feed them a lot. 


So, if you still think that can hamsters eat pineapple? Yes, they can eat pineapple in moderation so you can go with a perfect diet for them. 


Can baby hamsters eat pineapple? 

Even an adult hamster has a particular diet or gets good health. So, for baby hamsters, you can go with the commercial baby food that they eat. Because they can eat delicate and easy-to-digest food. And, once they are of ten days, you can give them a treat once in ten days with a tiny piece of pineapple. 

Can teddy bear hamsters eat pineapple?

Teddy bear hamsters also come from a line of Syrian hamsters and their diet is not that much different either. So, can go with a little amount for them as well as they can easily get diabetes for sensitive organs. So, give a hamster’s ear size piece of pineapple to eat in a week.

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