Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits for humans and your herbivores’ pets. Due to its smooth texture and low calories, this fruit is the best snack for hamsters and other pets. Hamsters can eat apples on daily basis in different quantities depending on your hamster age.

Hamsters love eating apples for their sweet and juicy texture. Also, because this fruit helps in digestion, hamsters can swallow it easily. Giving one slice to your diabetes-prone hamsters will help them maintain their sugar levels in the best way. This fruit will not increase their weight so this is the best option for hamsters. 

What type of Apple hamsters eat?

Hamsters mostly eat red apples or green ones. Now, let’s get into some more details to see which apple is best for hamsters. Let’s see if all the breeds of hamsters can have apples as their snack?

Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Hamsters can eat any Apple that is tender enough to chew. And, the peel and skin don’t bother them at all. So, as I said above, they love green apples and red apples most of all. But, the main reason why they love is the sweetness and the soft texture. 

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So, as long as Apple can give them these traits, hamsters are happy to eat them. This statement is, however, regardless of the breeds of hamsters that I will discuss later. So, you can say that we are mainly discussing Syrian hamsters for apples right now. Because Syrian haters are the giant breed and the most famous one also. And, I am mentioning all the breeds and their snack moderation(apple) below. 

Can hamsters eat a dried apple?

While hamsters generally love eating apples, you can also feed them a dried apple. These are the best treats for them, and many people have tried feeding their hamsters with dried apples. You can start by feeding one slice to your hamsters once a week. And, you will be surprised to see how much hamsters love it. 

Also, hamsters eat apples fondly because dried apples are even easier to swallow. They give a ripe taste that your hamster will love no matter what breed you have. And, the texture becomes even softer to swallow with the cheeky pouts. So yes, hamsters can eat dried apples. You can also get dried apples from the market that are nicely packed. 

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They particularly come for hamsters. Or, you can dry apples at your home if you know how to do so. Each dried apple slice contains 2% protein and 19% fiber which is relatively healthy for hamsters. 

Can hamsters eat apples with skin?

Hamsters can eat apples with skin quickly. So, you don’t have to worry about how they will swallow the Apple peels. Hamsters can easily swallow apple peel so that you can give them apples with peels. However, you have to remove the seeds carefully so that hamsters don’t eat them. Because apples have hard seeds that are almost impossible to swallow. Other than that, the whole apple is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to provide a lot of fiber to your hamsters. And, it has low calories so your hamster will not gain weight. 

Can hamsters eat green apples?

Including all other breeds of apple, hamsters can eat green apples also. However, green apples are sour compared to other apples as they are still raw. And, they are hard for hamsters to eat in one go.

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 So, if you want your hamster to eat the green apple, go with the ripe green apple only. Ensure that the apple is very soft or mushed before feeding the hamster. And, if you are feeding hamsters first time with green apple, give a fingernail size of the piece only. 

Can hamsters eat crab apples?

Hamsters can eat crab apples as well. However, only Roborovski and Syrian hamsters can eat crab apples. This restriction is not for crab apples but for any apple. Because all dwarf hamsters are diabetes-prone and can get sick quickly with any sugary foods. So, you cannot feed many apples to any dwarf hamster at all. 

Can hamsters eat honey crisp apples? 

Now, honey crisp apples are the ideal fruit to eat in raw form for their extreme sweetness. And, these apples have tartness and firmness. So, you can feed hamsters with a little amount of honey crisp lesser than a slice because of high sugar. 

Can hamsters eat pinky lady apples?

Pink lady apples are actually cultivated apples. These are crisp pink apples that the cultivators have sold under the trademark of Pink lady. Now you can feed your hamsters with a little amount of Pink Lady apples. This Apple is really tasty so hamsters will love it.

However, this apple has a more tarty flavor and is refreshing but has a lot of sugar as well. So, your hamster shall eat only a fingernail size of these apples. Each pink lady apple has total carbs of 18.5 grams with 0.1 grams of fats. And, this apple also has 72 calories, 0.5gram of proteins, and 16 grams of net carbs. 

Can hamsters eat red apples?

This is what we have talked about already. And, red apples are the most famous apples in the whole world. They are rich in vitamin C and contain a lot of fiber that improves the hamsters’ health. So, you can give these red apples to your hamsters with their peels so that they can get healthier. 

Can hamsters eat sour apples?

Hamsters can eat sour apples, but they shouldn’t be too sour. So, make sure that they are suitable for your hamster’s throat and don’t irritate them. The most common type of apple to be sour is green apple. So, you can take a bite of Apple to check the taste before feeding hamsters. Then, you feel that taste is just a little to no sour; your hamsters can eat it. However, try to give sweet apples to your hamsters in the first place. 

Can hamsters eat gala apples?

Gala apples are one of the sweetest apples, like crisp honey apples. Now, you can feed sweet apples to your hamsters indeed. And, these sweet apples can be fed in minimum amounts. You can give one slice of these applies to your hamsters once in ten days. 

Now, to check the nutrients, one gala apple has 80 calories, 21 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of net carbs. However, the fat is 0% in the gala apple which is good. 

Can hamsters eat apple slices?

Hamsters can, of course, eat apple slices. You cannot give a whole piece of apple to your hamsters. So, wash the apple nicely so that all pesticides spray can come off. This is the most important and best way to follow before feeding any fruit to your hamsters. Once you have washed the fruits, cut them into slices that your hamsters can quickly eat. Remember, only give one slice of Apple to your hamsters to eat. And, if you have too sweet apples like the above-discussed ones or sour ones give a fingernail size of apples

Can hamsters eat apple tree branches?

Hamsters love chewing tree branches, especially banana and apple trees. They love chewing the branches. So, you can cut apple tree branches into 10cm in length. And, you can take 3-4 pieces or the cut branches. Now, give one piece to your hamster. Your pet will love chewing it. 

Note: Before you give an apple tree branch to your hamster, make sure the branches are free from any pesticides spray. 

Can hamsters eat apple tree leaves? 

Apple leaves are nutritious and healthy for human beings and hamsters. Apple leaves have cooling astringent properties and are high in fiber. So, giving one leaf of the apple tree is enough for your hamsters. Feed them with one leaf each after ten days, which will boost fiber in your hamster’s body. 

Can hamsters eat apple pie?

Apple pie is the sweetest dessert but very delicious to eat. You can get it from the bakery or make it at home by yourself. And, your hamsters can also enjoy your baking day with you.  Because hamsters can quickly eat apple pie. And, it is very sweet as well. So, if you want to feed apple pie to your hamster, give a small piece, again, of fingernail size. 

Can hamsters eat apple cores?

Now, here comes the next question. While foraging your hamsters with apples, you may also think that can you feed hamsters with Apple cores? Apple cores are the inner and tough part of the apple. And, they cover seeds in them also. So, on cutting the apple in half, you can see a tougher part right in the middle of the apple. This core is edible by both human beings and hamsters. So, make sure you have taken out the seeds properly, and then give them to your hamsters. 

Can hamsters eat apple sauce? 

As hamsters eat apples; they can also have apple sauce because it is sweet. And, you can give sweet food or dessert-like Apple pie in moderation. So, giving an apple sauce to hamsters in moderation is good. However, ensure that your hamster doesn’t get the sauce all over the fur. Giving it in moderation is good in all. 

Can hamsters eat apple wood? 

As discussed above, hamsters can eat apple tree branches and leaves. So, they can also eat apple tree wood. This wood must be pure from pesticides, so it is safe for hamsters. And, hamsters love harvesting especially from Apple and pear trees. 

Can hamsters eat apple sticks? 

Hamsters can eat apple sticks, and the fact is that you must give them apple chew sticks often. Now, hamsters use apple chew sticks to keep the teeth at the proper length from their food. So yes, this is kind of necessary to give them.  And, the best thing is that you can get ready-made chew sticks from the market. Also, you can find several recipes to make apple chew sticks or at home. 

Can Robo hamsters eat apples? 

Roborovski or Robo hamsters are the strongest and giant breed of hamsters. I already discussed that Robo and Syrian hamsters are the most significant and robust breeds to give fruits and snacks. And, they have the most extensive list of snacks that you can feed them. So, Robo hamsters can also eat apples, so give one slice as a snack. Also, they can eat any Apple in moderation. 

Can baby hamsters eat apples? 

Baby hamsters can eat apples in a moderate amount. You can feed them with sweet apples, and they can be mushed before feeding hamsters. So, the best thing is that they eat only their food for 10 days. After ten days, you can give them a tiny piece of soft or mashed sweet apple. The best way to feed them is to carry an apple piece in your hand. 

How to feed apple to hamsters? 

You can feed apples to the hamster by washing them properly. And, the best way is to give apples with their peels as they have vitamin C. So if you don’t want to, you can also peel them. Now, cut the fruit in half and remove seeds from the apple. Give one slice to your hamster because one slice is enough for them. 

Now, last but the most important thing is to check the advantages and disadvantages of apple for hamsters.

Advantages and disadvantages of apples for hamsters

The following are some crucial points to check because you must learn about the advantages and disadvantages of apples for hamsters.


1. Apples have vitamin C which helps to improve the immune system.

2. Apples help to improve your hamsters’ skin and make it smooth. 

3. Any apple has a high amount of fiber that improves the hamster’s digestive system. 

4. Apples are the best source of antioxidants that fight against any illness and diseases in hamsters. 

Side Effects:

  1. Apples have high amount of sugar for hamsters but not for human beings. So, giving an excessive amount of apples can cause diabetes. 

2. Apples have seeds that if hamsters swallow, they will choke on them. And, these seeds have amygdalin inside. So, when the seeds are broken, this amygdalin becomes poisonous. 


Now, from all the discussion above, we concluded the question that can hamsters eat apples? Well yes, hamsters can feed them as a snack in fourteen days. And, the above discussion will help you follow the healthier way to feed hamsters. 


Can dwarf hamsters eat apples? 

Dwarf hamsters can eat apples in tiny amounts as they are small-sized pets with tiny organs. And, you can give them one date size or fingernail size piece to nibble. 

Can Syrian hamsters eat apples? 

Syrian hamsters can eat a whole slice of Apple if you give them every fortnight. They are the best breed to feed healthy fruits as snacks. 

Can teddy bear hamsters eat apples? 

Yes, teddy bear hamsters can eat apples like all other hamsters. And, unlike dwarf hamsters, you can feed them a whole slice like Syrian hamsters. 

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