can hamsters eat watermelon

Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon tastes great and it is sold at every grocery store. Watermelon is the summer’s favorite fruit, and you will buy it from the market easily. The question here is, “can hamsters eat watermelon? And what seeds and rinds of watermelon? How often do the hamster owners offer their hamsters this fruit? Is the dried watermelon fine to feed?

Here is everything you have to know about whether the hamsters can enjoy watermelons safely or not? This article will guide you in a proper way so, keep on reading to get all information about the safety of Hamsters and watermelon.

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The answer to this query is yes, the hamsters can eat watermelon. Fresh, organic watermelon, when given in moderation, is beneficial, and perfectly safe for your hamster to consume. Never give the hamsters large amounts of watermelon and watermelon juice.

Can watermelon be a part of a regular diet for the hamsters?

Most hamster owners ask the question, “can I feed my hamster watermelon every day”? No, watermelon is not a part of a regular diet. So, you can’t feast this on your pet every day. Feed this to your hamster as an occasional treat.

Nutritional value of watermelon

Watermelon constitutes a lot of minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, that can overcome the nutrient deficiencies that your hamster has. Hamsters also need a large content of vitamin C, which is abundant in watermelon. The delicious fruit contains many phytonutrients and minerals and also has beta-carotene and Lycopene.

Watermelons belong to the Cucurbitaceous family and are best enjoyed during summer. Watermelons mostly consist of water. Watermelon has a carbohydrate quantity of 7.55 percent, 0.5 percent fat, and 0.61 percent protein content. All these nutrients are good for hamsters’ health in moderate amounts.

How much watermelon can a hamster eat?

This depends on the species of the hamsters. Larger Syrian Hamsters possess slightly distinct nutritional needs than Dwarf Hamsters, such as the Chinese hamster, Campbell Dwarf Hamster, or the winter white Dwarf. It is essential to feast the right amount to ensure the health of your hamster.

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For Syrian hamsters, a small slice of watermelon is OK, but for Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters and Winter White hamsters, a very small piece is OK – we are talking a tiny slice. Robo hamsters are also treated like the Syrians (a paw-size content is fine for this).

How to feed your hamster watermelon?

To feed the hamster this yummy and healthy treat, you have to first wash the watermelons to eliminate the pesticides. Only offer your hamster organic and fresh slices of watermelon. Never feed watermelons to your hamsters in juices or yogurt. Only feed your pet plain pieces of this fruit by itself.

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If your pet is not eating fresh vegetables, start by feeding him a very small piece. You can hand-feed your pet the watermelon or combine the slices with its regular foods. 

Never give the Syrian hamster more than a single teaspoon of watermelons in a week.  Dwarf hamsters, and roborovski that are smaller, should be given fewer amounts.

Possible risks of feeding watermelon to your hamster

 Despite having many health benefits for your hamsters, there are also risks to feasting watermelons on your pet. This can include:

  • Choking 
  • Dehydration 
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Obesity: Hamsters are prone to this issue i.e. obesity. That’s  why you need to feast on the treats in a moderate amount.
  • Choking: Hamsters can choke on larger pieces of watermelons. Always slice the watermelon into smaller pieces, bite-sized cubes for your pet.
  • Diabetes: Since watermelon consists of large content of sugar, feasting your hamster too much watermelon can lead to this disease.
  • Diarrhea: As we described before, watermelons contain a large amount of water.  A large amount of these veggies can lead to diarrhea in the hamster.

Can the hamsters eat dried watermelon?

It’s best to stay with fresh watermelons only. Dried watermelons are usually very sticky, and for hamsters, dried watermelons can stick to the cheek pockets of these pets. It also contains high content of sugar, which can lead to obesity or diabetes, and poor dental health.

Watermelon juice is also not suitable for hamsters due to the added preservatives and sugars. 

Can hamsters drink watermelon juice?

No—if this constitutes any additives, like sugar. Watermelon flesh is fine for hamsters to eat in moderate amounts, watermelon juice is not OK as it contains high sugar content. So, taking only a few sips could easily dehydrate a pocket pet and could upset your pet’s stomach.

Can the hamsters eat watermelon seeds?

Avoid the seeds: Seeds impart serious choking hazards, and you have to avoid feeding them for the hamsters.

Even though Syrians could bear them, it is good to avoid the risks altogether and discard the seeds before feasting on your hamster, regardless of the species.

Can baby hamsters eat watermelons?

Watermelon is not so good for your baby pet, because it contains a huge amount of sugar and water, this pet is too little to bear the excess of anything, that’s why the large amounts of watermelon may lead to health issues and also high sugar leads to dental issues for hamsters.

Never feed the hamsters a diet containing just watermelon. It should be offered as the occasional treat for your pet. The following items should be included in your hamster’s proper diet.

• Birdseed

• Fresh Timothy Hay

• Protein, a chewable treat that can assist dental health.

• Fresh and clean water

What are healthy alternatives to watermelon for hamsters?

The following food items are good alternatives to watermelon for hamsters.

• Celery

• Red lettuce

• Green beans

• Cucumber

• Basil

• Baby corn

• Summer, winter squash

• Mint

• Okra

• Beets

• Broccoli

As with watermelons, all of the above options should be given to hamsters as the occasional treats.


Yes, it is fine for hamsters to eat watermelons, but only in moderation. Remember, your hamster requires to feast on a diet of seed mix or vet-approved pellets, have access to fresh and clean unlimited water, and enjoy some healthy vegetables and herbs as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

It’s best to discuss with a vet first, about what the hamster has to eat to ensure the best and most balanced diet. Keep treats such as watermelons to a maximum of ten percent of the pet’s diet, and your pet will remain happy, healthy.

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