Can Hamsters Eat Beetles

Can Hamsters Eat Beetles

Hamsters’ favorite foods are beetles. So, can hamsters eat beetles? Beetles may be fed both alive and dead. The dried beetles, on the other hand, are the safest alternative. Live beetles may sometimes be harmful to our hamsters.

Even though beetles have many health benefits for our hamsters, overfeeding them could cause them to get sick. Hamsters have a very sensitive digestive system. As a result, they struggle to adapt to change. If this is the first time you’ve added beetles to your hamster’s food, you need to be careful.

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Are beetles safe for hamsters?

My hamsters are completely safe with beetles. However, this does not imply that we serve it to them on a daily basis. Beetles should only be provided as a treat.

We must also bear in mind that bugs sometimes bite our hamsters. If your pet has a propensity for storing food in his cheek pouches, it is best to smash the worm’s head before offering it to them.

How many beetles should I give my hamster?

Beetles should only be given to your hamsters as treats. This is important since beetles tend to store a lot of fat. As a result, not controlling the number of worms will result in our hamsters being fat.

Beetles have a high protein content, which might be problematic for my hamsters at times. In addition, to minimise fat buildup in our hamster’s digestive system, I only give them 1-2 beetles at a time.

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It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that the size of the beatles should vary based on the age of your hamsters. People who are young and need smaller worms should get them. People who are older and need bigger worms should get them.

Can hamsters have beetles?

Yes, hamsters can have beetles. You only need to ensure that the beatles are properly prepared and given in the proper quantity. You will safeguard your pet’s health by doing so. Beetles may provide a lot of nourishment for your hamster, but they must be eaten carefully.

How to feed beetles to hamsters

  • To begin with, portion control is essential. Beetles are the finest treats for our hamsters. Overfeeding may cause a variety of health problems. The remainder of their food consists of hamster mix, veggies, and fruits.
  • Fresh beetles should be provided to your hamsters. However, before serving, be sure to crush the worm’s head. This is done to keep your hamster safe from bites. You may also store the worms in the refrigerator if you want to keep them for a longer period of time. However, this may lead the beetles to go dormant.
  • It is now advised to offer the worms in your pet’s food dish. You may, however, opt to hand feed them. You have an option.
  • You may also serve the worms with some nutritious veggies or your hamster’s diet mix. This ensures that your dogs get all of the necessary nutrients. Please, however, do not over serve them all at once.
  • The last step is to remove any uneaten worm parts from your hamster’s cage. This is necessary to keep the insects at bay.

Advantages and disadvantages of beetles for hamsters

Beetles benefits for hamsters

My hamsters get certain health advantages from beetles. The following are some of the most prevalent health advantages of beetles for my hamsters:

  • Beetles are high in protein, which aids my hamster’s body in the formation and repair of vital tissues. Aside from that, it assists in the production of enzymes, hormones, and other compounds in the body.
  • Iron found in beetles aids in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. This, in turn, aids in the prevention of anaemia in my hamsters. Iron also aids in the transfer of oxygen throughout the body.
  • Beetles also contain potassium, which is beneficial to our hamsters. If you give your hamsters enough potassium, the odds of them developing bladder stones are greatly reduced.

Beetles side effects for hamster

Although beetles are not harmful my Hamsters, over feeding might cause a variety of health issues. Some of the risks of overfeeding beetles to your Hamsters are as follows:

  • Beetles have a significant level of fat. As a result, we must be cautious about the quantity of beetles we feed our Hamsters. Overfeeding may easily lead to obesity. As a result, serving beetles as treats is the ideal alternative.
  • Beetles have a strong exoskeleton that includes certain compounds. These chemicals are very tough for our Hamsters to degrade. As they fail to absorb them adequately, this may easily lead to impaction. This has the potential to lead to catastrophic problems.
  • Our Hamsters are bothered by live bugs. If you offer live worms to your Hamsters, the worms may bite them. This, in turn, may be a major issue for our Hamsters. Beetles are very addictive to hamsters. Hamsters may get hooked to beetles in the same way as people can become addicted to fast food.

Frequently asked questions

Here are mentioned some frequently asked questions related to can hamsters eat beetles.

  1. Can Syrian hamsters eat beetles?

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat beetles. Syrians are the biggest breed of hamster, so they can consume the most beetles. Allow your Syrian hamster a maximum of three beetles every day. This is plenty for them to get the various advantages, but not so much that they are unable to consume anything else. Syrian hamsters have a strong digestive system, which allows them to eat the most beetles.

  1. Can Robo hamsters eat beetles?

Yes, Robo hamsters can eat beetles. Robos are smaller than Syrians, so they should consume fewer mealworms. Give them a maximum of three mealworms every other day. This is a modest drop from Syrian hamsters, which is due to their poorer digestive system. Robos need to consume other things, and eating too many mealworms might fill them up.

  1. Can my dwarf hamsters eat beetles?

Yes, my dwarf hamsters eat beetles. Because dwarf hamsters are so little, they should only consume a minimal bit of cricket. Every week, give them a few beetles that have been broken up into little pieces. This is to prevent your hamster from choking while eating it. These should only be used as an occasional treat for your pet. 


Can hamsters eat beetles? Yes! You only need to ensure that they are properly prepared and administered in the appropriate proportions. Beetles have a number of fantastic advantages for your pet, including a lot of protein. However, before you feed your hamster a significant number, make sure he or she likes them. The easiest method to find out whether your hamster likes beetles is to feed them a tiny bit and observe how they react.

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