Hamsters checklist

Hamsters Checklist – Owner must follow in 2022

When you get a new hamster, you’ll need to have a variety of items on hand to keep your new pet healthy. Hamsters need a checklist of everything from hamster cages and food to bedding and chew toys. I’ve created a checklist of all the hamster supplies you’ll need for your new pet, including both necessary and optional goods.


You can have your one-top lit for everything a home needs. Here are some of the basic housekeeping supplies and things we think you should have before your hamsters come.

Hamsters need checklist - Owner must follow in 2022


Having a clean, comfortable, large, and appropriate-sized cage is the most important requirement for hamsters. Plastic, glаss, or even wood can all be used to make this piece. The hamster’s cage must also be kept clean for his or her own safety. One of the biggest mistakes a new and inexperienced homeowner makes is purchasing a carriage house or a small cage.


One thing that many first-time cage buyers fail to do is get the right and safe bedding. Many options are available, but not all of them are safe. Also, the bed needs to be changed frequently, but in the right way.

In the end, you can choose between a variety of options, such as bedsheets made of paper, toilet paper, hardwood, or any combination of the three. Stay away from things like indoor and outdoor wood shavings, sawdust, newspaper, fabric, and cat poop.

Water Bowl

A lot of times, the bowl you’ll buy comes with water bottles. You may easily find this anywhere. Despite the fact that it’s uncommon, not all hamsters want to drink from a bottle; if that’s the case, your hamster can use a small bowl instead. To keep the water clean and fresh, you must replace the container on a daily basis.

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Healthy Diet

Healthy diets are not just made up of sunflower seeds. Despite their love for these foods, they need to eat a lot more of them to stay healthy, and they need you to help them do this. Symptoms require a lot of protein and vegetables. Giving your hamster every one of your fruits is unnecessary because most of them are high in acid.

A boiled egg, boiled vegetables, and unseasoned meat are some of the simplest meals you can make. Seeds and lab blocks that are rich in nutrients are readily available.

Food Dispenser

Depending on your hamster’s preference, you can choose between a food bowl and a food dispenser, just like you would with a water bottle. You should give your hamster a few days to get used to both of them and see which one they prefer.

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Our recommendation is that you not leave your hamster alone for more than two days. Even if you’re away, a food dispenser is the best way to ensure that your loved one has enough food. Another group of people would use a timer for their food dispensers.


It is not a secret that hamsters love to hide. It’s not because they’re shy, but because they feel safest in the woods. In addition to serving as a place to sleep, the dens also serve as a hiding place for their food. This is unquestionably one of the home’s essentials.

A hamster should keep at least two dens in his or her bag at all times. Everyone should have enough room to sleep comfortably, have a sleeping nest, keep their food hidden, and be able to exit the nest as often as they like.


Once the essentials of hamsters have been established, let’s talk about some optional extras and supplies that may prove useful to your hamsters.

Hamster Rocks

For the rest of its life, a hamster’s hair grows, which means it needs to be maintained and trimmed. The simplest method is to take your hamster to the veterinarian to have their nails trimmed once every few weeks or as necessary. Yet, that can be expensive. The best way to trim is to place blocks inside a hamster’s cage.

Vet Carrier

When you purchase your hamster from a store, it is often packaged in a box (similar to a happy meal box, but thicker and more durable). We recommend that you get a vetting carrier instead, as you are most likely to use it again.

It’s also called a “transport cage” or a “vet cage.” Either through a veterinarian or through an animal transport service. You can travel with your hamster in a car or on public transportation, and they’ll still be able to sleep and move around comfortably. It must be cosy, spotless, and risk-free for everyone to use.

Tunnels and Tubes

Hamsters love to hide and hide in shadowy areas because they feel safer there. You can either make your own tunnel or purchase one. Make sure you get the right one depending on the size of your hamster. Once, I bought the tiniest size of cable for my hamster. She didn’t get stuck in it but had a hard time getting out. The following day, I purchased a larger size.

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Solid Stairs and Slide

In order to get or create a multi-level hamster cage or a platform inside the enclosure, you should look into getting or making safe stairs and insulators.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of bedding should you use for hamsters?

In addition to the typical wood chips found in the wild, any shreddable paper or cloth that is suitable for hamsters would be a fantastic alternative. Keep in mind that some mammals are sensitive to cedar oil, which is released when the wood is burned.

2. What are the diet limits of hamsters?

Providing your pet hamster with chocolate, candy, or sugary meals could cause them to develop diabetes, which is quite dangerous for their small bodies. Garlic and onions, as well as other members of the onion family, such as leeks, should also be avoided.

3. What kind of toys should hamsters have?

Hamsters should have toilet paper or paper towel tubes in their tanks so they can go through the tunnels and get some exercise at the same time.


If you’re looking for a small, cute, and low-maintenance pet, the hamster is an excellent choice. They can be left in their cages all day with little or no interaction from their owners. People love to play with hamsters because they are social animals. Hamsters will be depressed if they don’t get to play with people.

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