can hamsters eat cheese

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese

Hamsters are considered omnivores, and they eat seeds, nuts, and dry fruits.  So, they eat commercial food when you have them as your pets and feed them with different snacks. Can hamsters eat cheese? The answer is yes hamsters can eat cheese in small quantities.

 And, we will discuss these quantities according to their breeds below. So, if you have a hamster at home, read this article to figure out the dosage and cheese quantity if your hamster loves eating cheese. 

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Also, I will be mentioning different breeds here, so you can pick the moderated amount discussed below according to your hamster breed. 

Are cheese safe for hamsters?

Yes, cheese is safe for hamsters when fed in a minimal amount, and yes, you can feed hamsters with a pea-sized piece of cheese. So, everything that you feed hamsters in a decent amount is safe for hamsters if they are already a part of hamsters’ diet.

Yes, they can have cheese. Also, note that hamsters love anything that includes dairy products.  So, you can give them cheese because they love it and you can give a pea-sized piece. Now, the other most asked question is,  

What type of cheese can hamsters eat?

Well, hamsters can eat any less salty cheese and low in fat. These types of cheese are safe and healthy for hamsters as a snack. So, you can give them this cheese once a week. Also, these low-fat and less salty cheese include mozzarella or low-fat cottage cheese. 

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Now, just for your information, let me tell you that high-fat cheese includes Parmesan, aged cheddar cheese, and similar other cheese products. And, we use them in our food items and also in pizza. 

Can hamsters eat cheddar cheese? 

Cheddar cheese comes in two types, that are high fat and high salty cheddar cheese, and the other is low fat and less salty cheddar cheese. Now, their usage depends on the people and how they use it. 

For example, people who are mostly on a diet go with low-fat cheddar cheese for their recipes or for however they want. But mostly, they don’t eat dairy products and we all know that. 

The other type is high fat and is saltier than the other one. So, this is what is used mainly in dairies and raw form. And, when you have to feed your hamsters, you can give them low-fat cheese. That’s because any high-fat food can cause weight gain in hamsters that is, of course, not healthy for them. 

Do hamsters like cheese? 

Talking about the hamster, these furry and naughty friends want everything to eat. And, they are too innocent to understand the pros and cons of any food. So, talking about cheese, hamsters love every dairy product and eat cheese with eagerness. I have a funny experience of sharing a pea-sized piece of cheddar cheese with my hamsters. 

Also, my hamster named Joy loves eating almost everything and I gave him a little piece of cheese that disappeared in Nanoseconds. So, this is enough to understand how much hamsters love to eat cheese. 

And, they love every type of cheese, and they may get excited or overwhelmed with the smell of cheese as cheese has a delicious and intense smell. However, it is up to you to maintain the diet of the hamsters and protect them from intensity no matter how sweet faces they make for cheese. 

Can Syrian hamsters eat cheese? 

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat cheese, and you can indeed feed them cheese in moderation. So, whatever type of cheese you have, you can feed your hamsters with a tiny piece of cheese. So, when the question arises, 

can hamsters have cheese

The answer is always a yes. However, this is not always necessary to feed your hamsters with any cheese. You have a whole list of snacks and foods to feed your hamsters. 

And so, you can skip cheese easily if your hamsters are prone to diabetes and you are worried about them. Because all types of cheese, even low-fat cheese is high in calories, maintaining a balance is the key. 

Now, here is another most important question. 

Can hamsters eat cheese puffs? 

Hamsters can naturally take protein out in the wild. This states that they can easily go with cheese. 

However, if you think about hamsters’ health, you can feed hamsters with raw Cheese in the natural form. And, you can not feed them any product that is made out of cheese. So, hamsters cannot eat cheese puffs. These are high in calories and not safe for your hamsters. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat cheese? 

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat cheese, of course. And, as cheese contains a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, giving a pea-size piece to your hamster will help them gain a suitable amount of minerals and a lot of vitamins. 

However, at the same time, all types of cheese contain a good amount of sodium. This is something that can be a health hazard for hamsters. So, particularly for dwarf hamsters, feed them once a week or once in two weeks. 

Can hamsters eat cottage cheese?

Yes, hamsters can eat cottage cheese. Now, I will also discuss the other breeds below and tell you if you can feed their cheese. But for now, this is one of the most popular questions among cheese lovers and those who have hamsters as pets.

 Now, cottage cheese is readily available in almost every home and store. So, yes, you can feed cottage cheese to hamsters. However, among cottage cheese, you can also find one low in fats and salt. 

As salt also contains sodium, finding cheese with less sodium will be a safe step for your hamsters. And, make sure to give them a little piece at the start. 

Some hamsters love to eat all types of cheese, even if you have never fed them with cheese before. Their sudden love for cheese will be surprising at times. 

So, giving them a little piece even smaller than the pea size may help you find their taste and interest in cheese. 

Can Robo hamsters eat cheese? 

Yes, Robo hamsters can eat cheese exactly like Syrian hamsters. However, this time, the diet and dosage are the same for all breeds. Because we are talking about the food that contains fats sodium and results in weight gain.

 During research online for cheese for my hamsters, I found a question. 

Can teddy bear hamsters eat cheese? 

So yes, teddy bear hamsters can also eat cheese like all other hamsters. 

The size of the cheese is the same here for teddy bears and other dwarf hamsters as well. Because cheese is easy to swallow and very soft as well. 

Baby hamsters can quickly nibble them. Now, after all this discussion, let’s see what the benefits are and what are the cons of cheese for all breeds of hamsters. 

Note: Please note that the below-discussed advantages and disadvantages are for all the breeds of hamsters, and you can take notice of them according to your pet breed.

Advantages and disadvantages of cheese for hamsters

Advantages of cheese for hamsters:

  • Cheese is very healthy when fed in the right amount as it contains zinc, calcium, phosphorus, other minerals and Riboflavin. 
  • These nutrients keep your hamster healthy and they can move around easily. 
  • Cheese improves the eyesight of your hamsters as it has Vitamin B12, A, D and K. 
  • Cheese, when fed in a moderate way, protects your hamster from blood clotting. 

Disadvantages of cheese for hamsters : 

Too much cheese can result in diabetes in hamsters. 


So, can hamsters eat cheese? Yes, hamsters can eat peas-size cheese once a week. And, all breeds of hamsters can eat cheese that is low-fat and less salty. So, feed your hamsters right away.


How to feed cheese to hamsters? 

Take fresh low-fat cheese and cut a pea-size piece of this cheese. Hold it in your hand and feed your hamster with your hand. You can feed them low-fat mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

Also, holding the food in your hand will create a good bond between you two and you can easily learn how much your hamster likes it. 

Can hamsters eat cheese balls? 

Hamsters can eat cheeseballs and the same formula applies here as well. That means you can feed small cheese balls to hamsters like other cheese. And, You may have seen hamsters eating Cheetos snacks as well.

Because my hamsters love it, I give them one piece of this snack often. As these are light snacks, hamsters are safe with this snack once a week. 

However, what my vet told me is that the best thing is to provide hamsters with other healthy foods and veggies as snacks instead of making them used to junk food. So, I mainly feed my “Joy” and “Bell” with raspberries, pumpkin, lettuce, Apple, and sometimes cheese. 

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